Aistė Švelnytė

Aistė Švelnytė

Dados pessoais

Idade: 23
Data de nascimento: 13 de agosto

Sobre mim:


I do not like telling about myself really much. So just a short description.

I am Aistė. Lithuanian girl which wants to learn portuguese language. That is the reason why I am here.

18 years old. Interested in sport and history. Sport is my life. I practice capoeira. What's more, I like reading books a lot. Especially detectives. Furthermore, I cannot imagine my life without music. Rock is top of the tops, but sometimes listening to other music also, it depends on my mood.

If you have never met me, so you should know that I am such a person which always tells the truth. I am honest, hate when someone lies to me, but I am friendly. Do not be afraid to write me.

P.S Love people who smile often, because they kinda reminding me.

That's all. Not all, but a short side of me.


Eu falo:

  • lituano | Língua materna
  • inglês (Reino Unido) | Intermédio

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