Alex Letfalvi

Alex Letfalvi

Dados pessoais

Idade: 39
Data de nascimento: 7 de outubro

Sobre mim:

I am trying to be a good and an honest man, who enjoys life to the fullest.I am in love with my fiancee. I am a trusted and reliable friend and a great English teacher. When I'm not tired or sad or simply just not in the mood, I can be really friendly, sociable, optimistic, energetic and all that shit. I realized life's just too short not to take chances, make changes, embrace this chaos we call life and have a blast while doin' it.


Eu falo:

  • húngaro | Língua materna
  • romeno | Língua materna
  • inglês (Estados Unidos) | Avançado

Estou a aprender: