Sandra Knajp

Sandra Knajp

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Idade: 35
Data de nascimento: 20 de junho

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Hello everybody.

I'm here to learn more about Germany and German language. I need all the help I can get - all the information, about everything - all I need to know but still I don't ! :))) I'm interested in Bayern - Munchen and it's surroundings (Bavarska) .

I need all the information, useful details about finding work there (commercial , trading, leading, trade, logistic etc) , about school, kindergarden, about finding a place to live... More details I will give you in e-mail so please feel free to contact me. If I do not answer right away, I will soon - I am veeeery busy :) . Thanks for understanding.

I am interested in other languages to near the ones I marked here already as my main interests, but I have so little of a free time - I would like to learn Czech, Russian, Hungary, maybe French...and also more the ones I did learn : Italian and Spanish. Now my priority is German / Deutsch , as I am very good in English so as in my maternity - Croatian, but also I can speak akin languages to it : Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian...

I have two little sons and they are my world :) I am very positive person who suffered and passed through may difficult, heavy things in life but still have the smile somewhere and likes to help everybody ...

Looking forward to meet you all :)

Greetings from a beautiful Croatia :)))


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  • croata | Língua materna
  • inglês (Estados Unidos) | Avançado

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